Welcome! You’ve just discovered the BEST sales training resource the banking and mortgage industry has to offer. Doug Smith is a true sales and sales leadership expert helping banks, mortgage companies and loan officers sell smarter, sell better, find more customers and make more money. We invite you to explore all that we have to offer!


What does Doug do?

Doug Smith’s resources include:

  • High-impact training workshops
  • Event keynote presentations
  • Complete sales training programs
  • Webinars & teleconferences
  • Leadership development
  • Coaching and consulting


How does he do it?

Doug is different from most. He:

  • Combines action-oriented content with a fun, energetic delivery
  • Talks WITH his clients and audiences, not AT them
  • Presents fresh approaches and ideas that are highly-relevant


Why does he do it?

Doug believes people want MORE!

  • More prospects and clients
  • More referrals and repeat business
  • More recognition and job security
  • More synergy with their teams
  • More consistent results
  • More control over their careers